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Nirvahak about us  Satish Babu Thummala

Satish Babu Thummala

President and CEO
As the founder, President and CEO, Satish is responsible for building the TSB vision and guiding the company's strategy. He has more than fifteen years of experience in management, sales, support and product development. He has achieved notable success for the creation of a world-class products in several domains like Financial Trading, Project Lifecycle Management, Sales Configurator, Knowledge Management Solutions, Telecom and Healthcare.
Prior to TSB, he has held various positions at Mandarin Capital Technologies, Parmetric Technology Corp and Pramati Technologies.
He strongly believes User experience as the most primary element of any software. Aims to build globally competent products that can be sold worldwide.
Nirvahak about us  Sridhar Mala

Sridhar Mala

Director of Sales - APAC
As Director of Sales, Sridhar focuses on Nirvahak's corporate strategy, business development, marketing and product marketing. As part of the marketing operations, he drives the company's media and industry relations, advertising, interactive programs, communications as well as market and customer research.
Sridhar has fifteen years of experience in business process management and software sales.
Nirvahak about us  Gaurav Purohit

Gaurav Purohit

Director of Product Engineering
Gaurav is the principal architect behind several products from TSB. As a Director of Product Engineering he is responsible for succesful delivery of all engineering services. In the past he has worked on domains like Project Lifecycle Management, Telecom and Healthcare.