Nirvahak Corporate

With a cut throat competition in the global market, it has become pivotal for organizations to retain their most important asset human resource. The success graph of any organization depends largely on its workforce along with other factors like products, strategies, and technology. It has been observed that controlling all these factors is easy for employers except human resource. Thus, if you wish to handle all your employees efficiently then human resource management is indispensable. Nirvahak Corporate gives your organization state-of-the-art technology to manage your work force to yield maximum output.

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Streamline the recruitment process

To streamline the recruitment process in your organization, Nirvahak Corporate software is a wise choice. The software has been specifically designed to track each stage of recruitment process from applicants to employees and assess their performance too. Along with it, HR professional can resort to make background checks on applicants too. Some additional features of the software include screening of resume and emails, reporting, customized assessment tests and many more.

Effective global monitoring

Nirvahak Corporate can be used effectively by any organization to monitor and manage its human resource. Some of the striking features of this software include block periods, public holidays, multiple time zones and locations, shifts and lots more.

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Improve communication

To improve communication between HR professionals and rest of the employees in the organization, Nirvahak Corporate can be used with ease. This software compasses all functions required necessarily in an organization like personal information management module, employee self-service module, applicant module and the list goes on and on.

Time tracking

In most of the organizations, monitoring employee attendance accurately is a matter of concern. To carry out the task of employee attendance properly, Nirvahak Corporate is the best option. It is real-time software that keeps a check on the attendance of the employees from any location of the world. Above all, organizations can customize this software according to their requirements and budget.

Nirvahak crm  sales-marketing CRM image