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Nirvahak CRM for immigration provides comprehensive relationship management solutions for immigration industry to boost revenues by streamlining processes, on a powerful technology platform that helps build richer relationships to retain, grow and acquire new accounts.

It helps immigration consultants to perform their day to day operation in terms of Customer Relationship Management.
It can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device (like computers, smart phones).
Single Application Profile

The most important pain point of immigration industry is to maintain a single complete application profile. Nirvahak CRM solves this very efficiently by providing detailed application form, dynamic quessionaires based on visa type, ability for information verification, ability to attach all documents to the application. It allows multiple staff members to work on an application. The application tracking is effective with a pictorial view of the application processing stages.

Enhanced customer experience
Service customer requests, slot rescheduling and complaints across channels using a single system.
The customer can login to check the application status, can upload or download relevant documents. You can exchange notes or comments with customers.
Strengthen Workforce Management
Ensure accountability by deploying preventive alerts and escalations.
Get insights into teams' day-to-day activities and progress.
Deploy best practices like action taken reports, important date reminders like policy renewals, lapses, etc.
Upgrade workforce & partner skill set using targeted self-paced training programs.
Advanced Reporting
Get real-time reports across teams, partners and geographies.
Move from fragmented to a unified multi-system collated reporting.
Establish an efficient analysis path using drill-down capabilities.
Salient Features
Customer Segmentation

Target customers as you segment them across multiple channels - Web, eMail, Partner Reference and more.


Import customers, enquiries from your current system, to process them more effectively with user friendly tools provided by us.


Process your customer application with a 360 degree visibility, allowing for accurate business decisions. Get a complete view of your most relevant data, how you want to see it.


Effective way of managing customer contracts right within Nirvahak CRM.


Engage agencies to build profitable partnerships. Partner owner can track the commission they are entitled.


Easily manage Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable with Day book, Journal Accounts & Account Grouping.

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