The availability of Nirvahak Platform on mobile helps organizations to perform critical business functions on the go through their smart phone or tablet. It enables employees use mobile devices to do any or all of the following: manage projects, manage documents, provide customer relationship management, conduct enterprise resource planning, fill out invoices and receipts, accounting vouchers, work orders, purchase orders, etc. and manage a corporate calendar and address book.

Supported Devices

Nirvahak mobile is flexible to use with responsive design. It works on all mobile platforms that support HTML5 like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. The application is available for download from any App Store.


All Nirvahak products are accessible through Nirvahak Mobile. Organization users can use their same web login to access any product that they have purchased.


Nirvahak Mobile communicates through secure REST services provided by the platform. It offers true end-to-end security supporting the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with the option to participate with your existing Certificate Authority (CA).