The Nirvahak Platform offers everything you need to create an application that can manage your data, whether you're a small or bigger organization. The Nirvahak Platform is foundation for amazing apps you never thought possible, so you can engage customers and employers in everything you do. It is full cloud solution with no software or hardware to install. You're up and running, seeing a quick positive impact on your business. Build and run innovative apps and websites on the cloud platform.

Nirvahak Platform is designed from the ground to allow any organization to take active role in managing their data ensuring the security and quality. It removes the need for developing custom applications by allowing functional users create dynamic manageable data objects on the fly. Its rich user friendly interface requires zero programming knowledge to build world class data management tools.

Nirvahak platform High Availability

High Availability

The Nirvahak architecture is designed for high availability, meaning that your applications developed can continue to function in a number of adverse situations, including power outages or network loss.

Nirvahak platform Admin Interface

Admin Interface

The Nirvahak Platform admin interface manages application versions, deployments, device management and security policies. Administrators can also design a security profile that is appropriate for the implementation.

Nirvahak platform Rapid Enterprise Application Development

Rapid Enterprise Application Development

Nirvahak can be leveraged to enable your existing web development teams to create applications once, which will work on multiple platforms by using HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript for a true device agnostic solution.