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Nirvahak Enterprise

Nirvahak Enterprise is a highly modular enterprise class software solution designed to meet the ERP needs of both small-and-medium sized companies. It is easy to use, cost effective next-generation technology. This solution is the industry's only single platform ERP management system with global capability.

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Nirvahak Corporate

Nirvahak Corporate is an intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable Human Resource Management solution for Small and Medium Enterprises worldwide. Using this software, HR professionals can store details about all the employees in the organization and access them whenever required. This HR software is highly user-friendly and professionals with meager technical knowledge can operate this software with a breeze.

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Nirvahak CRM

Nirvahak CRM is a unique platform built to deploy on cloud or on premise. It enables small-to-medium scale organization to easily manage CRM data using either desktop or mobile. It goes beyond traditional data entry to empower you to focus more time on sales. It is very easy to make any customizations, plug-ins and integrations at affordable cost.